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Bsat Supermarket s.a.l. has moved a long way since it was founded as a private, family-owned company in 1981 to serve Saida, the capital of south Lebanon . The primary aim of the mini-market in Abra Main Street was to manufacture and sell a wide range of food products for the local market.

Now the business is housed in a four-story, modern supermarket, catering for the needs not only of the town itself but for inhabitants from the outlying areas as well. The owners were encouraged to open their new shopping center after monitoring the population expansion in Saida and its outskirts, coupled with the rapid change in social and cultural behavior.

The new center boasts the latest shopping facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff, all geared toward increasing the company's market share - and customer satisfaction.

Even the design of the center is hi-tech, fashioned after the most modern shopping malls in Lebanon . The materials used for the frontage were carefully chosen to cope with the varying climatic conditions. The leasing of a large parking lot next to the mall ensures the maximum convenience to customers and the best use of their time.

The air-conditioned retail area occupies two of the four stories. At ground level the facilities include:
* Cigarettes
* Coffee corner
* Bakery
* Household and toy department
* Chocolate and biscuits
* Fresh fish
* Roastery
* Deli and frozen foods
* Meat and chicken
* Vegetables and fruits
* Beverages and water
* Cashiers

The second story features:
* Dry foods
* Groceries and canned food
* Floral and vegetable oils
* Detergents and cleaning materials
* Personal care and toiletries
* Pet food
* Electrical appliances

A trolley conveyor has been installed to facilitate movement between the two retail floors. The remaining two stories of the complex - both underground - are allotted to warehousing, staff offices and an operational kitchen.

The warehouse has been designed to ensure the correct method of storage for a wide variety of products under a wide variety of climatic conditions. Three large cold rooms were built to accommodate frozen and fresh foods hygienically to ensure that customers receive products that are both fresh and healthy.

To make shopping easier for the customers, the products are classified into logical categories.

Design of the displays was also carefully thought out to attract the maximum possible attention. We've taken care to make sure products are always visible and easily accessible on the shelves and stands. It's important, too, that our customers know straightaway how much products cost.

Prices for every product are tagged to each shelf in complete compliance with regulations laid down by the Ministries of Trade and Finance.

It's equally essential that customers know the price of fresh products well before they arrive at the cashiers. In all appropriate departments, we use electronic scales that are linked to the company sales software. When a fresh product is weighed, an adhesive label shows the weight, price per kilogram and the final cost.

To minimize waiting time, there are seven cashier stations at the exit area of the ground floor. Customer may choose any operating line and we offer an express service for those with only a few items. Each station is equipped with a computerized scanner that prices products and adjusts the inventory.

Expansion of Bsat operations has meant expanding the company's organizational structure to ensure the smooth running of the supermarket for the convenience of our clients. The general manager increased the responsibilities of some key staff members to assist him in the daily flow of business.

The promotions were carefully considered. All of them had been operating in their areas for at least three years and were familiar with the company's methods of operation. They report to the general manager on a daily basis and carry out his instructions in a smooth.

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